Why Tackle Electronic Clutter?

Back in the day, I remember when telephones had cords and were connected to the wall and the family computer consisted of a Commodore 64 system that sat in the living room where everyone could access it. Now, everyone has a cell phone, a laptop, a tablet, cloud-based storage, and social media.

We have electronic information overload and with it comes a lot of clutter. The endless amounts of electronic data have just compounded what used to be a physical problem of paper clutter. What we don't realize is electronic clutter grows exponentially faster than paper clutter ever did because of the ease of sharing and duplication.

Don't wait to get your electronic systems established and decluttered because unbeknownst to you, it is just going to continue to grow. This is ultimately costing you time and money every single day in both the front and back office of your business as well as your home.

Let's tackle it and get our control back!

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