What is Organized Academy Vault Membership?

It's the answer

to the organizing and process questions

you didn't know you had.

How many times have you been faced with a decision or an issue in your business and were so confused and overwhelmed that you just didn't do anything? It could be because you're faced with an area you know nothing about or it could be because of the overall time, cost and energy required for what's being proposed. I mean seriously, you barely have time for the things you know about.

You're left wondering whether you should've started your business in the first place. All those negative thoughts start creeping in and you're left feeling scared and stuck. You hear guru after guru telling you that you MUST do xyz or you NEED to have this and that, yet you don't have the time to figure it out nor the money to implement what they're suggesting.

I understand what it's like to be a

side-hustling solopreneur,

because I'm one too.

I have successfully navigated the entrepreneurial world while maintaining a full-time job. I get how most resources are only available during the hours of 8 - 5 pm when you're at work. I get how you have to share your "extra" time with your family, your friends, yourself and your business. I also understand how you are skilled in one area, but as a solopreneur, you are expected to handle many others (i.e., accounting, contracting, marketing, technical, etc.)

It's definitely a balancing act and with the right processes and systems in place I know you can do it too.

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Topic Hubs

There are a number of training lessons under each of the topic hubs below:

Operational Kickstart

This content helps you get your mind wrapped around what you are doing. It helps you define your goals and develop your overall strategic plan(s) as it relates to your business, your home and your personal life.

Systems and Process

All things go smoother when there are systems and processes that are followed. The content in this learning tree help you define your processes, develop your systems and have clear ways of tracking them all.

Project Management

As a project manager it is natural that I would want to ensure you are well versed in project management concepts. This section of learning teaches project management basics.

Electronic Data Management

No matter if your focus is on your business or your home, they both need to address electronic data. This division helps to create systems for all the different data types you encounter on a daily basis (with the exception of email).

Email Management

Who doesn't need some help getting their email in order? This is one of the fastest areas of disorder in both businesses and homes. In this topic area we help provide some information to help you better manage your inbox and be more efficient.

Time Management

In this topic area we will help you create systems and processes to better manage your time and be more efficient. Letting time work for you and not against you.

Vendor Management

In both your home and your business you engage with vendors and you need to have a way to track and manage them should the need arise. This topic area will discuss and teach all things vendor management.

Customer Service

This learning area is near and dear to my heart because customer service should be a major part of your business. Your business isn't truly a business without customers and if you don't treat them right what's the point? This topic area focuses on setting your business up for success and to ensure the highest level of customer service possible.

Home Management

This area is focused on managing all the things related to your home life. By organizing your home you create a well oiled machine that others can assist you in maintaining.


In the life of your business and your life, money is extremely important to ensure you are taken care of. We want to make sure we protect and track our money. This topic area covers all things financial.


This topic area covers holistic branding because as a side-hustling entrepreneur you don't just brand for you business you are also branding for yourself. You can also apply concepts learned in this module to your professional life as well.

Content Creation

This topic area helps you develop processes around content creation for your business, which will assist in saving you time and effort.

Social Media

This learning area focuses on all things social media. There are a few platform specific trainings, but it mostly focuses on processes and organization from a holistic area, so you can apply the lessons to whatever platform you choose to use.


All the trainings in this learning area are focused on teaching you how to develop a basic website for a small business and how to set up monitoring processes around it.


Evernote is a major program used in my personal home management, so I've dedicated an entire learning topic around understanding the platform. Many of the concepts can be translated over to other notetaking apps as well.

Physical Organization

This learning topic focuses on all things physical organization no matter if it is needed in a business, home or a brick and mortar store. Note: this is not about hacks, but truly understanding how to organize physical items.

Personal Development

Each of us has goals and desires for our life and that too needs to be managed and cared for. This topic area really focuses on self-care and personal development.

Quick Training Hub

This training hub is for all those trainings that don't fall into any of our other learning topic areas.

Orientation Curriculum

Each Academy Member should complete their Agent Orientation prior to accessing the training hubs shown above. The Orientation includes the following items:

Hi, I'm Dana

I've been where you are and want to help you get here you want to be on your journey. It doesn't matter if you are brand new to business or have been in business for a while, together...we will get you organized!

I am a certified project manager who, by day helps organize a corporate law firm and at night, I put my cape on and help you organize your business, life and everything in between.

I can't wait to work with you and help you eliminate the overwhelm so that you can live the life you've always dreamed of living!